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Masterson’s Ceramic Spray Sealant delivers an amazing shine and durable protection with this new advanced ceramic technology. The revolutionary sprayable ceramic sealant quickly bonds to the surface for maximum protection and gloss. Masterson’s Ceramic Spray Sealant is designed to remove dirt, dust, and fingerprints while creating a protective shield for a brilliant shine. Instantly protects against UV solar rays, water spots, and stains. Premium gloss enhancers deliver incredible reflection and shine. Our innovative ceramic technology creates a super hydrophobic layer that repels dirt, dust, and contamination to ensure your vehicle is protected. Masterson’s Ceramic Spray Sealant uses Quick-Bond Polymers for an easy application on all surfaces. Works on paintwork, wheels, glass, plastic, stainless steel, chrome, aluminum, textured surfaces, and more! Ceramic Spray Sealant is designed to block harmful UV solar rays to prevent fading and discoloration. The world’s most advanced spray sealant engineered to make detailing faster and easier. Masterson’s Ceramic Spray Sealant fights dirt and grime on your vehicle. Works on clear coat and traditional paintwork. Delivers a incredible shine and durable protection to any vehicle with Masterson’s Ceramic Spray Sealant.

Directions: Shake well – Make sure surface cool to touch before application – Spray directly onto surface – Remove dirt, dust, and fingerprints in one direction using a premium microfiber towel – Flip towel to a clean side a gently buff to a high gloss shine – Use Masterson’s Ceramic Spray Sealant after every wash for maximum protection and shine – Enjoy your ride!