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Fabric Protectant Coating (16 oz) - MCC_117_16

Fabric Protectant Coating (16 oz) - MCC_117_16

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SKU: fabric-protectant coating (16 oz) - mcc_117_16

Masterson’s Fabric Protectant Coating is designed to repel dirt and stains from fabric and carpet upholstery. The innovative coating technology delivers the highest level of protection for any fabric surfaces. Protects fabric seats, carpet, floor mats, suede trim, door panels, and much more! Masterson’s Fabric Protectant Coating is designed using advanced Nano Technology that bonds to the surface for durable protection on all fabrics. The super hydrophobic coating technology takes protection to the next level by repelling stains and moisture. Repels stains from wine, juice soda, food, and dirt. The sprayable fabric coating blocks UV solar rays to protect against fading and discoloration. It also protect seats against pet stains and any type of spills. Masterson’s Fabric Protectant Coating delivers long-term durability on interior and exterior fabric surfaces. Works amazing on shoes, boots, bags, luggage, and custom upholstery. The coating technology blocks stains, spills, and odors from any type of fabric. Works perfect for canvas and convertible tops. Materson's Fabric Protectant is  approved for OEM and aftermarket upholstery. Protect your fabric and upholstery for years with Masterson’s Fabric Protectant Coating. 

Directions: Shake Well – Apply to clean fabric surfaces – If dirty, clean fabric with Masterson’s Super Cleaner before application – Spray a light coat over fabric surface – Allow light coat to dry for 30 minutes – Spray a heavy coat over the surface for maximum coverage – Coating will cure over 4-6 hours – Re-apply as needed – Enjoy protected fabric!