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Masterson’s Professional Foam Cannon is the ultimate detailing tool for washing any car. The advanced Injection system creates thick foam that covers any vehicle to release dirt, grime, mud, and filth from the surface. Masterson’s Professional Foam Cannon is built from heavy-duty materials to last for years of detailing use. Simply fill the bottle with 1 oz. of Masterson’s Wash & Shine, hook up to any pressure washer, and use the cleaning power of foam to wash your bike. Its fast, easy, and fun! The professional foam cannon is easily serviced for high-performance detailing. Great for washing all cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, and boats. Easily wash any car using a touchless-wash technique for fast results. Great for washing heavy mud from off-road vehicles, dirt bikes, enduros, and supermotos. The thick foam pulls heavy dirt, mud, and grime off all areas. Unique wash foam covers every surface and removes grime from tight spaces. Masterson’s Professional Foam Cannon delivers superior results during any wash. Works great for cars, trucks, RVs, ATVs, side-by-side vehicles, trailers, and much more. Quickly and easily wash large vehicles for a brilliant shine in less time. The high-flow air Injection system flows 5.3 gallons per minute for the perfect foam cannon washing experience. The 32 oz. bottle is chemical resistant for years of detailing use. The innovative foam cannon will reduce swirl and scratches to maintain the original condition of your vehicle. Wash and shine any motorcycle with the power of foam using Masterson’s Professional Foam Cannon.