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SLICK CLAY LUBE (16 oz) - MCC_127_16

SLICK CLAY LUBE (16 oz) - MCC_127_16

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Masterson’s Slick Clay Lube is the perfect choice for your clay bar experience. Advanced synthetic clay lube formula allows any clay bar to glide gently over the surface for maximum effectiveness. Masterson’s Slick Clay Lube works with all clay bars, pads, towels, and disks to achieve perfect results on any vehicle. Simply spray on the surface and use your favorite clay bar to achieve a smooth-as-glass finish! The extra slick formula allows the clay bar to work at maximum performance, easily removing overspray and contaminants. Innovative lubricating agents prevent swirl-marks and scratches during the clay bar process. Masterson’s Slick Clay Lube removes dust and dirt particles from the paintwork surface to ensure perfect results. Works on all cars, trucks, motorcycles, RV’s, aircrafts, and marine vessels. Masterson’s Slick Clay Lube reduces friction to minimize the risk of micro marring the surface while detailing. Synthetic formula extends the life of clay bars and clay pads while conditioning the surface. The super slippery spray will make the clay bar process a breeze especially if you're new to the detailing world! Works great with clay bar pads designed for machine application. Get the best clay bar results with the new Masterson’s Slick Clay Lube!!

DIRECTIONS: Shake Well – Wash surface before using clay bar or pad – Spray Masterson’s Slick Clay Lube generously on the surface – Use clay bar or clay pad in a straight line motion to cleanse the surface and remove contamination – Once surface is smooth, use a clean microfiber towel to remove clay lube – Apply a coat of Masterson’s Carnauba Wax or Sealant for durable protection.