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WATERLESS WASH & SHINE (16 oz) - MCC_106_16

WATERLESS WASH & SHINE (16 oz) - MCC_106_16

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SKU: waterless-wash & shine (16 oz) - mcc_106_16

Masterson’s Waterless Wash & Shine is designed to clean, shine, and protect any type of vehicle. The waterless detailing system harmlessly washes away dirt and grime. Masterson’s Waterless Wash & Shine delivers an amazing shine to all colors. Innovative eco-friendly detailing solution washes any vehicle without having to use a hose or soap. Dry-wash technology encapsulates dirt and lifts grime away for a scratch-free shine. Works fantastic on all cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, boats, and airplanes. Masterson’s Waterless Wash & Shine easily removes dirt, bird droppings, brake dust, road tar, and much more! Simply spray on any vehicle and swipe away dirt using a premium microfiber towel. Masterson’s Waterless Wash & Shine delivers superior results in less time. Works great on paintwork, wheels, plastic, trim, glass, chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, and more! Premium gloss enhancers create a brilliant shine and slick finish when finished .Masterson’s Waterless Wash & Shine cleans and protects any type of vehicle. Perfect for washing your car anywhere, anytime! Masterson’s Waterless Wash & Shine delivers a swirl-free finish while protecting the environment. Clean your car and save the planet with Masterson’s Waterless Wash & Shine. 

Direction: Shake Well - Spray directly on dirty vehicle - Wipe away dirt, dust, and grime in one direction using a premium microfiber towel - Once surface is clean, buff away sealant coating for a brilliant shine - Easily clean any vehicle in minutes - Can be diluted if desired - Wash your car and save the planet!